Late To the Party

I missed the original frenzy back in June over Pamela Wynne’s resized EZ classic, the February Baby Sweater… now scaled […]


All manner of delicious things have been entering my line of vision lately, and how convenient that my camera is […]

Still Alive

Not dead. Au contraire. Simply not blogging… haven’t felt like it. Uninspired, I suppose. Too many projects are up in […]

Hardenburgia in August

The hardenburgia shawl is blocked, and I am pleased. In my usual bass-ackwards way I will now add the edging. […]

Hardenburgia in July

While playing around with my lovely new KnitVisualizer 2.0 software (Thanks again, Anne, for the endorsement!), I charted out a […]

Finally FO’s

July has not been much of a month for posting. In addition to a week of travel to visit family […]

If You Believe In Fairies…

I clapped my hands all the way home from the nursery this morning, because I had found this: Say hello […]

Dog Days of July

No new knitting to show for myself (not again!), but very exciting news… The Big Secret Project is finished!!! It […]

Waiiit For It…

So close to ripeness… Candy sweet cherry tomatoes cooperatively climb the trellis that migrated from our front walk to the […]

A Week of Progress

The Big Secret Project is coming along. I can’t quite see a light at the end of the tunnel, but […]

Purple in Perpetuity

Still no new knitting content to share, but here is some natural color for your viewing pleasure. Today’s color, in […]

Pinkness in Paradise

Paradise being my own back yard, of course. This summer, with high gas prices and many work and social obligations, […]

Blue Tuesday

Although I have no knitting content today because of the top-secret project that is taking all my spare time, I […]

Squash on the Barbie?

It’s begun! The vegetable invasion, I mean. The last two evenings, I’ve had enough green and yellow squash from the […]

Sittin’ on the Knittin’

Contrary to the impression readers may form from all the garden talk lately, there has been progress on the knitting […]