Hardenburgia in July

While playing around with my lovely new KnitVisualizer 2.0 software (Thanks again, Anne, for the endorsement!), I charted out a lace pattern that I’d been eager to master. Not that it’s a difficult design, but its elegant proportions remind me of the slender leaves of the hardenburgia vines that bloom along our side fence in the winter when not much else is flowering. En route to New York last week, I had five hours (seven if you count delays)on the plane to learn the simple but effective repeat, and made respectable progress.

In addition, both the color of this Mas Acero silk/wool/viscose blend yarn from Brooks Farm Yarn AND the cascades of little lace yarnover holes are dead-on in their similarity to the adorable, tiny hardenburgia flowers. Using size 8 needles with this yarn enhances the lacy texture (I experimented with size 6, but preferred the looser gauge), and makes it go that much faster. It’s been truly a pleasure to design.

My choice of border design will remain a surprise for the time being until the field of lace is complete. A hint: the center won’t be the only leafy element to this shawl.

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