Waiiit For It…

So close to ripeness… Candy sweet cherry tomatoes cooperatively climb the trellis that migrated from our front walk to the vegetable garden when we relandscaped last year. Soon they’ll hang down in clusters like small bunches of grapes from the top of the trellis. Planted red ones on one side, and yellow on the other. Pretty to look at, and pretty delicious, too.

So close to edibility… the first Satsuma plums from the new tree. As luscious as they look now, only when they turn deep purple will they be ready to pluck.

So close to sinking my teeth into pure homegrown goodness… Black mission figs from the Central Valley are flooding our grocery stores already, but mine are late bloomers. I’ll look forward to eating the first of these in late August if I’m lucky. But every day throughout September, I’ll pick a handful to sweeten my yogurt at lunch time.

So close… But not close enough.

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