Blue Tuesday

Although I have no knitting content today because of the top-secret project that is taking all my spare time, I can still share color. Today’s palette is blue and all its’ cousins.

The blueberries are doing exactly what they are supposed to do as they ripen, providing me with a handful every couple of days to top off my bowl of cereal or yogurt:

After a pallid and truthfully rather blah beginning, the hydrangeas have blued up nicely, quelling my fears of insufficient nitrogen in the soil. Against the backdrop of white climbing roses (shown in earlier posts), their blue intensifies dramatically.

Up front, clusters of transplanted agapanthus have finally settled in, going in short order from this pod which strangely reminds me of one of the Seven Dwarves (must be the rakish angle of the little peaked cap):
to this:

And finally, the asters are in full bloom, swarming with bees (no colony collapse in my neck of the woods, as far as I can tell). Not exactly blue, these are the cousins I mentioned above.

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