Flowers and Candy

The last remaining vestiges of my birthday are the flowers in this gorgeous bouquet my husband and daughter gave me […]

Open Wide and Say…

Lilleeeee…Want to see more? You know you do. There are definitely lots of them, all around the garden, both front […]

Spiky and Prickly and Pokey Say Hello

A couple of recent arrivals in the garden have announced they are ready for their close-ups. For starters, the heavily […]

51 Pick Up

It’s my birthday, and never a more anti-climactic birthday have I experienced. My daughter is in the middle of final […]

What’s In a Name?

By now the new blog name has been up for a couple of days. There was nothing wrong with Floribunda […]

What’s up, Tiger Lily?

Yes, I’ve been watching the spikey stems grow taller and spindlier by the day, but nonetheless was gobsmacked to come […]

Moo To You, Too

Major excitement around here: I received a phone call from Eunny Jang (Yes, the Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits.). […]

June Bugs

In addition to the ladybugs, the box elder beetles, and the assorted other winged and shelled insects alighting in the […]

New Knits, Take Three

Knitspot is one of my favorite blogs, and Anne Hansen is one of my favorite knitwear designers. Aside from the […]

New Knits, Take Two

Interweave Knits always inspires me. Sometimes, however, an issue that seemed only so-so when I first received it turns out […]

New Knits, Take One

It has been a while since my last knitting post, which doesn’t mean there hasn’t been knitting in the works. […]

Peonies in Paradise

When my own garden is full of flowers free for the picking, it’s hard to justify paying for them. However, […]

Adjectives For Spring

Barky:Squashy: Rosy: Frothy:


A friend took me to Monterey Market in Berkeley yesterday, and from my gleeful shopping spree you’d think I’d never […]

Agapanthus, Cloned

Last year when the relandscaping project was underway, we had some moments of stressful dithering about the agapanthus. Outside the […]