Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah, Hey, He-e-ey, Good-bye…

Good-bye to summer veggies, that is. We picked the motherlode, including the baby yellow squash seen above, this past weekend […]

Now That’s a Fuzzy Heinie!

And just how does one correctly spell heinie anyway? Heiney? Hinee? Hiney? More to the point, have you ever noticed […]

Still Life with Lemons and Dahlias

This late harvest is just a fraction of what I’ve picked this weekend as I begin pulling the summer vegetable […]

Oh Rats, Foiled Again!

Just look at this mess. Every time I look at this image, I want to take up target practice. Despite […]

Say Hello to My Little Green Friend

The other day I sat inside knitting and minding my own business when I noticed a movement outside the window. […]

Finally, Tomatoes

I’m talking heirlooms here, not the little red and yellow cherry tomatoes that have flooded the kitchen for over a […]

To Be Continued…

The wedding wrap is growing, even with the paltry hours I’ve had available lately for knitting. In fact, the first […]

Twisted Sister-Shibui WIP Alert

My enthusiasm for the Twisted Sister/Shibui yarn combination shown above has not diminished in the least. If anything, my passion […]

Late Bloomers

Hydrangeas in mid-September? What’s wrong with this picture? The other hydrangeas in my garden are strictly spring bloomers, and by […]

Plum Crazy

In proof that appearances really can be deceiving, I bought the most beautifully deep purple organic plums at the market […]

Good Fences Make Barely Tolerated Neighbors

I have a hard time with the family who lives in the house behind ours. First they razed the vintage […]

Forecast: Cloudy

No dunks in the backyard swimming hole for the last few weeks because the water looks like this (note that […]

Feeling Clever

Let me introduce Za-bui, my new triumph of blended fiber. First, I wound the Shibui “Silk Cloud” skeins on my […]

See You In September…

Wait a minute. It is September. What the heck happened to August? One day I’m flipping corn and chicken thighs […]


… on color from the dinnerplate dahlias that take my breath away every summer, and on the first ripened figs […]