Squash on the Barbie?

It’s begun! The vegetable invasion, I mean. The last two evenings, I’ve had enough green and yellow squash from the garden to grill it with the rest of dinner. This is my favorite time of year.

There are also baby tomatillos and tomatoes. I go out to the garden every day to check on their progress, drooling in anticipation.

It will be a few weeks at least before I can actually pick any of these, and experience in this case does not make me more patient. It’s quite amazing how three little tomatillo plants can produce what appears to be several hundred tomatillos. This just might be the year when I set up that table at the top of the driveway to sell surplus produce.

And on my way to the vegetable garden, the asiatic and day lilies catch my eye with their tidal wave of warm color.

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