Dog Days of July

No new knitting to show for myself (not again!), but very exciting news… The Big Secret Project is finished!!! It is assembled from stem to stern, and drying from its last blocking bath on the board right this minute. All that’s left to do is sew on the single button that goes, well – you’ll see where it goes… eventually.

Now I just have to send it off with the pattern written in five sizes (That has taken more time than I care to admit because I am so mathematically challenged) and I’ll be able to breathe again. And get back to my own projects for a while.

In the meantime, a few gardening photos to entertain you until there’s some knitting content I can reveal. I’ve been picking the first plums ever from our tree. These are Santa Rosas – deliciously tart on the outside but sweet closer to the pit.

I love the coral-bark maple, which especially in summer reveals its elegant color contrast. Something about that chartreuse and coral color combination sends a thrill up my spine every time I see it. It pops, it sizzles… it just gets me.

My fears about the agapanthus we divided and replanted have been put to rest after much fretting. The first year they struggled mightily for survival after we put them along the front walk during the relandscaping project. But as you can see, agapanthus, both white and purple, positively rules the walk this summer. Even during this miserable heat wave, they don’t show the least inclination to bow their heads.

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