All manner of delicious things have been entering my line of vision lately, and how convenient that my camera is often in hand. From the garden (which has been uncooperative this summer despite my best efforts), a bowlful of squash and cherry tomatoes.

Still only green heirlooms, no eggplant, few tomatillos, and an underwhelming selection of cucumbers and peppers. No complaints about the pears, however, which are ready to pick. I’ve promised the family an upside down caramelized pear tart for dessert this evening (from Patricia Wells’ cookbook Bistro Cooking . ) Herewith, the raw ingredients:

And then, of course, there’s deliciousness of an altogether different variety. I present Fearless Fibers’ 100% Merino lace weight yarn in Chestnuts:

and Rubicund, both of which are so gorgeous I practically salivate every time I look at them. Each 2 oz. skein holds 410 yards (375 meters) of the softest, most springy merino I’ve ever felt.

Due to other knitting commitments and deadlines, I have so far resisted winding them into cakes. I do feel myself weakening, however, the longer I spend on those other projects. The lace skeins sit on my desk right near my elbow, within range of my peripheral vision… a big mistake for one who has often declared she can resist everything but temptation. In fact, if I turn my head just a little bit away from the screen right this minute, I can see them full-on in all their glory. The subtle color variations… the warmth and softness of the fiber… it is torture of the best possible kind.

Whenever I need a break from current work, I peek at those yarns and daydream about what I will make from them. What sort of shawl or wrap will do justice to the fiber and colors. This kind of projection is an integral part of the life of every knitter (every artist, for that matter) I know. Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

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