Late To the Party

I missed the original frenzy back in June over Pamela Wynne’s resized EZ classic, the February Baby Sweater… now scaled to, as she calls us, “Grown-ass” women. Yet one look at her version and I was hooked. Had to make it, and had to make it now. Despite those nonspecific “other commitments” to which I keep annoyingly mysteriously referring, I had to cast on for it, and did so pretty much as soon as I had printed out the pattern.

But first, a frantic deliberate and painstaking search for the perfect yarn. After perusing the dozens (hundreds?) of beautiful versions on Ravelry, I decided to use a smaller gauge yarn and compensate by making a larger size than I would usually wear. My choice was Classic Elite’s insanely soft Inca Alpaca in a color described on the label only as #1109, but which I prefer to think of as olive flecked with chartreuse. It’s a hard color to find, and one which makes my eyes appear, I’m told, more green than gray. Not a bad thing, IMO.

I haven’t made a huge amount of progress, as you can see. But I keep thinking about it as I work on my other projects, and every once in a while I pause and sneak in a couple more rows just because, you know, I don’t do enough knitting as it is. Poor lighting renders this photo a washed-out rainy-day concrete gray, so you’ll have to trust me on the actual color. When it’s finished, I’ll take some photos with better light so its true subtle delights are properly revealed.

EZ February Lady Sweater

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