Still Alive

Not dead. Au contraire. Simply not blogging… haven’t felt like it. Uninspired, I suppose. Too many projects are up in the air, my daughter just returned from a summer away and her presence is a most welcome distraction from my routines, and it’s bloody hot outside. Inside, too, for that matter. Never thought I’d welcome the end of summer. When fall comes, perhaps I’ll be able to wear this without launching into a hot flash:

As you can see, I did complete the Hardenburgia Shawl, and if I can get myself a little better organized, I’ll make the pattern available to my loyal readers. All three of them. Here it is again:

Just as I hoped it would, the wave border undulates gracefully, although I did a light spray blocking just to smooth it a bit. The end result is even softer than the pre-knit yarn, and drapes beautifully. And the color is pretty accurate in these photos, exactly the bluish purple of the hardenburgia blossoms that scramble up the side fence.

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  1. This is a gorgeous shawl. I have a yarn that would be perfect but I can’t seem to download the pattern. Is the link old or am I just bonkers?


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