Finally FO’s

July has not been much of a month for posting. In addition to a week of travel to visit family in NY (and, yes, to see a play – August: Osage County – on Broadway, and eat LOTS of fabulous food in the big city), I’ve kept my head down, determined to have something to show for myself in the knitting department.

While spending a couple of days with my parents, I made lists of all the medications each one takes… and there are a lot of them. Now my sisters and I have all of them on file, with the prescribing doctors’ phone numbers (thanks to my sister D.), in case anything changes. Mom and I played Scrabble every day, but with her memory impairment it wasn’t much of a challenge. While it’s good for her to exercise her brain, it’s obvious she gets frustrated when she can’t remember the rules of the game she taught me how to play over forty years ago. Hard to watch. But we were determined to finish each game even with the most unpromising letter combinations.

Here, at last, is something else finally finished: the Lizard Ridge blanket that will accompany my daughter to college in a year.

The short-rowing technique created rippled beginnings and bind-off edges of these blocks that did not want to go together without a fight, despite ruthless blocking. The strips I made as an experimental alternative, in one long piece rather than in blocks, were much simpler to assemble. I’d like to make another one all out of the strips, and not have to mess with stitching the individual blocks together end-to-end. As is, this one appears rather cobbled together because of my experimentation, but I think my darling girl will love it just the same.

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