Late-Season Beauty

You know those potted amarylis bulbs that turn up everywhere around the holidays? I see them in catalogues, at florist […]

Officially Drought Season

Yes, folks, it’s official. Here in the Bay area (and I’m east of Berkeley), “drought” is the word. I got […]

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Nearly 100 degrees today. I’ve been hunkered down in my office with the ceiling fan directly overhead, staring out the […]

Green Is Good

A fresh-picked basket of artichokes from my own vegetable garden can always make me drool with anticipation, but then it […]

Cursing California Poppies

Yes I am. Once they bloom and that swathe of brilliant orange fades away, they hang around for the express […]

Say Hello to My Little Summer Wine

While my latest knitting projects continue to grow but remain annoyingly unphotogenic, the garden is growing with miraculous speed and […]

Purple Haze

I knit absolutely nothing last night. Not a single row. Not a single stitch! And night is pretty much when […]

Yum… Tuna

Despite incremental progress on the green shawl, I have no new knitting photos today. I do, however, have a photo […]

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain…

My husband was invited to a conference in Cabo last week, and spouses were encouraged to join the attendees. Never […]

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

I go out of town for three days (but more about that later) and come back to find a veritable […]

FO Doubled

Hallelujah and pass the clamatis! Although these were planted last year, this is their first bloom season. Well worth the […]

One Tomato, Two Tomato, Three Tomato, Four!

Make that twelve tomatoes. Which was not my intention this year. I planned to cut back. Really I did. After […]


My Swallowtail Shawl in Sundara’s magnificent Fingering Silky Merino yarn (colorway: Autumn Rose from her lovely Seasons Club) finally makes […]

This Bud’s For You

There’s a riot of budding out there. A little tour around the neonatal wing of the garden is in order, […]

Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

Except this:There are several (well, to be precise: three) more ancillary babies. Much smaller than Godzillartichoke here, but undoubtedly just […]