Everything’s Coming Up Roses

I go out of town for three days (but more about that later) and come back to find a veritable rosefest taking over the garden. There’s this:

And this:

And something I’ve been waiting for, these Zepherine Drouhin climbers winding their way up and around the trellis by the back door. They have the most heavenly fragrance, which hits you the minute you step out the door:

Not to mention the Joseph’s Coat bursting out on the back fence:

Getting in among the thorns to dead-head can be a bitch but I learned my lesson last year. It’s gloves and long sleeves for me from now on. Last year I scratched up my arms so badly it looked as if I had some terrible skin disease most of the summer. A friend turned me on to the benefits of those latex medical supply gloves which allow all the sensitivity of bare fingers but protect me from the worst of the scratches and dirt embedded under the nails.

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