My Swallowtail Shawl in Sundara’s magnificent Fingering Silky Merino yarn (colorway: Autumn Rose from her lovely Seasons Club) finally makes its debut here:

How anybody could complete this project in a single day is beyond me unless she made it doll-sized. Of course I did size mine up a bit, but not that much. There are errors; this is the first true lace project I’ve done and I understand my limitations well enough to know that if I frogged back to the points of the errors, there was no way on earth I’d be able to pick the stitches up again accurately. So it’s not perfect. But I did my best to make it so, and didn’t catch the mistakes until many rows later, hence my reluctance to rip back.

What a gorgeous, but HOT weekend – we’re talking in the 80s – which I spent sweating to prep the vegetable beds in anticipation of getting these into the ground:

Did I mention I’ve decided to plant blueberry shrubs? I found varieties that supposedly do well in our climate, and I hope they live up to their advertising because there’s nothing I love better than blueberry jam spread on my morning toast, unless it’s fresh blueberries stirred into my yogurt or a liberal handful sprinkled over my cereal.

Now the news tells us it’s going to cool down again, and sure enough today I’m back in my wool socks and a sweater. That’s spring for you. More blooms to share as I sign off:

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  1. Sundara says:

    Gorgeous Julie! Thanks so much for sending me the link. You are a magnificent knitter!

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