First Brat, First Rose

It’s official. While out combatting the aphid population explosion, I discovered the first rose in bloom. Although there are hundreds […]

The Faster I Pedal, The Slower I Seem to Go

Spent the entire bloody day running errands… and almost none in the garden. Trolling around the grounds for a few […]

Diggin’ It

Hands in the earth, dirt under the nails, stepping gingerly around the irises and roses trying not to knock buds […]

Home Sweet Home

After a week on the road back East, where spring is barely visible to the naked eye now that we […]

Weed, Spray, Love… the Garden, That Is

Was outside yesterday weeding on my knees until I couldn’t unbend them. This afternoon it was me against the aphids. […]

Seriously Bummed, or: Who Moved My Peas?

The pea vines have been shooting up, hugging the trellis, bursting forth with flowers and tendrils exactly as they’re supposed […]

Unidentified Flowering Objects (UFOs) Spring Version

For the life of me I cannot remember the names of these two plants. The little white lantern- shaped cascades […]

The Hills Are Alive With California Poppies

The poppies add a swathe of orange to the front garden, bringing a smile to my face every time I […]

Evil Genius

That’s what I thought when I discovered this Arum italicum, otherwise known as Italian Lords & Ladies (or in a […]

Short Row Overindulgence

The Lizard Ridge takes shape! With only one block to go and all the others blocked, it’s beginning to look […]

I Know It’s Spring Because My Allergies Are Blooming

… and my nose is dripping and my eyes are itching… and my throat is rasping… Aah, spring has sprung! […]


Yes, it’s Friday, and not a moment too soon. What a long week; the second one during which my husband […]


Where did I hear them called that? Must have been during my childhood when my mother and I took walks […]

The Pause That Refreshes

Nothing like homemade biscotti and a cup of hot tea to get the creative juices flowing. A friend came over […]

ADD or Multi-Tasking? You Decide!

Last night I just had to bring my knitting to the high school basketball game. I have no son on […]