FO Doubled

Hallelujah and pass the clamatis! Although these were planted last year, this is their first bloom season. Well worth the wait they were, too.

The second FO (although requiring no less effort on my part) is this cropped cardi (From an old summer issue of Vogue Knitting magazine) with lace trim, for which I used five and a half skeins of Noro Cash Iroha from my stash (that orange seemed so “Gotta have it” at the time, but it took me how many years to put it to use?).

I completed the project in a couple of weeks on size 6 needles, and that endless lace trim going ALL THE WAY around the body and neck took as long as the rest of the pieces combined. Not that the seven-stitch, four-row repeat was complicated, just that it required a lot of turning. Here’s a detail of both lace and clematis:

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