One Tomato, Two Tomato, Three Tomato, Four!

Make that twelve tomatoes. Which was not my intention this year. I planned to cut back. Really I did. After growing nine different tomato plants last summer, I restrained myself at the nursery early this week and purchased only seven seedlings, and that was supposed to be the end of it. Then my husband said (in his patented plaintive murmur that I can never resist), “What about paste tomatoes? How are you going to make pasta sauce and roasted tomatoes for winter soups without paste tomatoes?” And you know, he really did have a point. So it’s HIS fault that I went back the nursery and bought three of these:

and two of these:

Of course, by the time I brought them home there was no space left in the vegetable garden to plant them, as you can see:

That left me with only one option. I co-opted a section of the side garden (well out of sight of the roses and other showy flowers that fill the front beds) and stuck them there. My husband, even after his intensive lobbying for paste tomatoes, wasn’t happy about the location, but I really had no other choice. The soil in that section is especially crappy relatively unamended, so they should be very happy and produce prolific quantities of paste tomatoes. And when he gets to eat them, my husband should be very happy, too.

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  1. So nice to know that someone else is also guilty of buying more tomatoes than necessary!

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