Startitis: It’s Contagious

There seems to be an epidemic of Startitis going around the knitting blogosphere at this time of year. I keep […]


Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: the Drops Cardigan from Garnstudio. Easy-peasy, to my delight. Sometimes in my knitting I […]


So has everybody seen the latest email from Interweave Knits’ Knitting Daily newsletter? The one that offers a preview of […]

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Lily is one of those female names that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. I’ve met many little Lilies the […]

Back from College Heaven

Some of the best times I’ve spent with my family this year are precursors to what will undoubtedly be, at […]


My joy is indescribable. Congratulations, President-Elect Obama.

Standard Time

Funny, I’ve been so accustomed to the extended Daylight Savings Time that October slipped right by without my missing the […]

The Sound of My Own Voice

I’ve been derelict at blogging lately, but not for lack of ideas. Just busy with other things. Such as: It’s […]


Some words just sound better in French. Words like “fleur.” Of course, some sound pretty good in Italian, too. Like […]

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Pumpkin?

Surprise! The squash below is now almost completely orange, and little by little the larger guy behind it is also […]


Ahh, here they are again. My absolute, hands-down favorite fall flower, the pansy. I LOVE their little faces, freckled and […]


That’s what I’ve been for the last few days, having committed to the lace edging for the Wedding Shawl. Although […]

Sasquatch Squashkins

During a particularly hot week late this summer, I suffered a brief lapse in the frequency of my squash-picking activities. […]

My Daughter the Hat Model

Right around the corner is the birthday of a dear friend, for whom I have not knitted a single loving-hands […]

Not-Quite FO: Wedding Wrap

Hot off the blocking board, I present herewith my almost-complete wedding wrap. Two different lace stitches, one – the more […]