Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: the Drops Cardigan from Garnstudio. Easy-peasy, to my delight. Sometimes in my knitting I just need a dose of (nearly) instant gratification, and this project is it. So quick to knit – about three weeks from start to finish – and a perfect fit after blocking. I love the full-length sleeves, and made sure the overlapped double seed stitch front plackets would not look skimpy when buttoned. The collar could be a bit deeper, but buttoned up it fits snugly and comfortably around my neck. Lovely.

The only problem? Well, not really a problem, but I have to make a return visit to Britex Fabrics (not exactly a hardship) to purchase one additional button. Decided that four worked better than the three I bought on my original trip to the store. I distinctly remember seeing a full box of these buttons behind the counter of Britex’s Notions Heaven otherwise known as the 3rd Floor, so am hopeful they will have more of them when I get into the city later this week.

A human model soon. Meanwhile, the vintage button money shot:

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