Some words just sound better in French. Words like “fleur.” Of course, some sound pretty good in Italian, too. Like “flora.” I went to college with a woman named Flora, and I never wondered what her parents were thinking when they pulled that moniker out of the baby-names book.

Whereas, if they had named her “Flower,” I might have questioned their decision. Fleur and Flora bring to mind images of Botticelli’s lovely paintings of the Three Graces and of Venus Rising from the Sea. Flower, on the other hand, for reasons I don’t quite understand, reminds me of a disheveled Eliza Doolittle pre-Professor Higgins.

So, anyway, the beginning of autumn-blooming fleurs and flora are all around my garden this week. The pink “kangaroo’s paw” is a hummingbird magnet, but they never hover quite long enough for me to capture them sticking their beaks into the centers. Whenever I hear that tell-tale clicking sound they make while feeding, I sneak out with my camera… I’ll just have to be persistent, and eventually I’ll catch one of the little guys in the act.

And the cyclamen leaves seem particularly well-variegated this fall. I adore their heart-shaped leaves and the fragrant flowers that are just beginning to appear.

And for those who are not on Ravelry, here are a couple of photos of my completed Wedding Wrap. The beaded edging went quickly and adds the perfect finishing touch to the wrap. I can’t wait to wear it to the wedding this weekend!

The pattern is for sale here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wedding-wrap on Ravelry, for anyone wanting to make their own version.

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