The Sound of My Own Voice

I’ve been derelict at blogging lately, but not for lack of ideas. Just busy with other things. Such as:

It’s always a thrill when the folks over at our local NPR affiliate agree to let me record a piece for their Perspective segment, as I did late last week. I love being in the sound studio, wearing the headphones and communicating with the sound engineer on the other side of the big plate glass window. I love working with him to make the recording, although I can’t remember a session that did not involve a last-second edit to tighten the prose or to make my point more clear. I enjoy the process not so much because I love the sound of my own voice (which, to my ears, sounds a bit gravelly and nasal), but because as I grow older I’ve realized that I think about THINGS (politics, world conflict, the economy, social roles, family) a lot, and consequently have a lot of opinions. I enjoy sharing them and participating in the debate that sometimes results.

The new piece will air tomorrow, and if you want to hear it you can click on the link above for a direct ride to the show. My topic this time is religion, and the way it occasionally and unexpectedly intrudes on our secular lives – and how we deal with it when it does.

While my dear husband channel-surfs a numbing variety of sports events until I’m ready to poke his manhood with my sharpest knitting needle scream, there’s been a lot of therapeutic but secret knitting going on. There’s even some that is eligible for viewing but that has not been photographed because of insufficient progress. That will change in a day or so.

Meanwhile, the garden continues to please. Photos to follow.

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