That’s what I’ve been for the last few days, having committed to the lace edging for the Wedding Shawl. Although the bead placed at the tip of each point slows me down just a tad, it’s going well and by the weekend the shawl should be finished and ready for its close-up. Meanwhile, a pointy close-up of the lace and beading. I love the way the Shibui mohair yarn softens the variegations in Zazu, the Twisted Sister wool.

With the wedding just a week away, there’s no time to fool around.

The first side of the edging is done and blocked, and the second side is half-knitted, to be completed this evening. With no mesmerizing debate to watch today, progress should be rapid. Last night, I kept getting distracted by McCain’s pained-looking “smile,” and his overuse of the term “my friends,” interjected into seemingly every other sentence. Does he really believe that calling people his friends will make it so?

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