So has everybody seen the latest email from Interweave Knits’ Knitting Daily newsletter? The one that offers a preview of the Winter 2008 issue? The issue that includes a cardigan pattern by yours truly, an exciting project that remained in the “Secret Knitting” category for a few hectic weeks over the summer?

Although the preview is up, I’m not sure it would be kosher to show photos of my project just yet. I will say it’s in the Country House, City House section and the IK editors have named my pattern “Marilyn’s Bed Jacket.” When I made this project in the requested size, the finished garment was way too large for me and, therefore, not particularly flattering. On the stunning IK model, however, who is taller and curvier than I can ever hope to be, the cardigan is not just lovely, but it is sexy and opulent, feminine and practical simultaneously. This is not to blow my own horn; I truly didn’t realize the cardigan – much as I love it – could look like this. Va-voom! I’m so pleased, and cannot wait for the issue to hit newsstands (and my mailbox) so I can share more details.

It is my distinct honor to have another piece being published in the same issue of Interweave Knits, but for now that will remain under wraps.

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