Warm and Woolly Lotus

Just a reminder that Spring is right around the corner despite all evidence to the contrary! God forbid I should […]

Pajama Day

The pajama day is vastly under-rated for its medicinal value. I’ve had a nasty case of flu for the last […]

Lotus Cardigan Almost-FO

Here it is, a cardi in a hurry. It took some rummaging around in my stash to locate the sleeves, […]

Lotus Entertain You

Walks around the house with camera in hand allow me to notice the continuing raptures of early spring late winter […]

The Freckled Face of February

With a random but welcome Friday the 13th (the anniversary of my first official date with my husband), Valentine’s day, […]


Before I forget (again), allow me to introduce my adorable niece and nephew, Tess (14) and Moses (10), who obligingly […]

Presenting… The January NaKniSweMoDo

Yippee, I finished it! The cabled sweater for my daughter is done (unless, of course, she decides she hates the […]


Making its debut a bit early this year is the hardenburgia that grows along our side yard fence: We are […]

To Ophelia

Last week for her final “exam” in English class, my daughter and her band of merry actor classmates had to […]

Introducing Cali

While I was in Washington, DC a long-awaited package arrived for me at home. Upon my return to balmy California, […]

Bare Naked Ladies

Pruning the roses, all fifty of them, is not anybody’s favorite chore come winter. But prune them we must. And […]

What a day, what a day!

Like so many of us around the country, I watched President Obama’s inauguration this morning with a group of friends. […]


A week in the frozen tundra of Washington, DC was more than compensated for by the rare opportunity to spend […]


Today I: pruned our plum trees, fertilized the azaleas, rhododendron, and camellias, sprayed an oil spray on the pear and […]

Third Time’s a Charm…?

Oh my god let’s hope so. A while back I finished my version of the simple, A-line Drops jacket I’ve […]