To Ophelia

Last week for her final “exam” in English class, my daughter and her band of merry actor classmates had to act out a scene from Hamlet. Just to show the Bard what’s what, they decided to stage Ophelia’s mad scene as a Wild, Wild West re-enactment.

Oh, yes, pardner. You read that right.
In addition to listening to my daughter, AKA “Ophelia,” read through her lines, and in addition to evaluating her costume options – she decided in the end to wear little Daisy Duke shorts, a snap-front plaid shirt, and a cowboy hat – I had the pleasure of securing a selection of plants from the garden that could stand in for Ophelia’s “rosemary… rue…” etc. Well, we actually had the rosemary, but the rest I improvised, as demonstrated below.

I wish I’d thought to photograph Ophelia as well!

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