Third Time’s a Charm…?

Oh my god let’s hope so. A while back I finished my version of the simple, A-line Drops jacket I’ve seen all over Ravelry and the blogs. Followed the pattern exactly, which is something I seldom do. While knitting, I thought the collar seemed a bit stingy, and upon completion as I wore it outside around town, that skimpy little collar bothered me more and more. It didn’t lie smoothly or flat, but it didn’t stand or gather cozily around my neck to offer warmth, either. It just wasn’t right, and it quickly became obvious what I needed to do next.

Last night I frogged it after spending half an hour just finding my oh-so-carefully woven-in ends (they were a bit too well buried in the knitting, as it turned out), and reknit the collar larger and longer. Too much larger, and way much too much longer, I discovered as soon as I put it on again. Dorkus maximus.

Yikes! This morning, I ripped it out again and am set to reknit it one more time. I now see that I should not have increased at the edges to create collar points, but I should have done some short-rowing across the center back so the collar would curve out longer there. Although I usually measure and remeasure until I’m sure I have the details well thought out before I start knitting, this time I just went along with the written instructions because the rest of the jacket worked up so easily. But trusting the pattern as written was a big mistake for the collar. I’ll chalk this one up in the “lesson learned” category. Photos of the re-re-finished Drops jacket soon!

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