Guinevere Says Hello

Advancement on this WIP goes slowly but steadily, with few photos that are post-worthy. The back is complete, as is […]


Lavender post-shower, not yet in flower. The centers of the tiny narcissus (narcissi?) below are literally the size of my […]


Poppy #1 in full bloom Despite predictions of more rain, we’ve got the sun all to ourselves at the moment. […]


I promised a sneak peek at the vintage buttons that will finally find a home on the Guinevere Evening Cardigan, […]


While outside weeding on this 65-degree, sunny day (Oh, so that’s what sunshine feels like… it has been raining so […]

Is Anybody Else Freaked Out By This (In a Good Way)?

Do you realize what is happening on Sunday? (Actually, Saturday night if your household is like mine.) Here’s what is […]

Vision (Camera) Quest

In addition to its broken lens cover that shuts the lens down if it is so much as tapped, even […]

Tah-Dah! February NaKniSweMoDo #2

Blush-colored flowering quince, fresh out of the shower. I did it! Though it took nearly a week to dry on […]

The Bloom(berg) Report

So the rain let up, just for today, and the sun came out. A reminder that in a couple of […]

February Showers

Plum-tastic. It has been raining non-stop here all week. Even last week. And with every passing storm, I’d find myself […]

So Excited I Can Hardly Stand It

At least two years ago (and possibly three) I planted some helleborus rootings that were supposed to have double flowers. […]


My latest NaKniSweMoDo project, the Stripey Noro V-neck, is moving swiftly along. Yes, I know that will be two sweaters […]


At this time of year, it’s easy to understand why landscapers refer to this kind of retaining wall as “moss […]

Be Still, My Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I wish you abundant love and all the chocolate you can eat.

Tenacious Little Bugger

Hi – I’m a flowering quince. Please ignore my lethally sharp thorns while you admire my sculptural branchy beauty. I’ve […]