Warm and Woolly Lotus

Just a reminder that Spring is right around the corner
despite all evidence to the contrary!

God forbid I should ever have a hot flash while wearing the Lotus cardigan – it is so thick and hairy (but in an attractive halo’d way, not in an unshaven, unkempt way) – because I swear it might just melt onto my skin.
The shaping is just weird enough to work, and I really like the fit from the side view. From the front view, however, I look like an extremely well-padded protege of Batman.
As long as I keep moving, you can’t tell exactly how unflattering a garment this is, so maybe I’ll even wear it out in public sometime (perhaps to collect the newspapers from the top of the driveway very early on cold mornings when my neighbors are still asleep – that counts, right?). And did I mention the colors? Really lovely and subtle. I do like the colors. Really.
But the colors I really, REALLY like are these:

About which I promise to have much more to say soon!

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