Introducing Cali

While I was in Washington, DC a long-awaited package arrived for me at home. Upon my return to balmy California, it was the first thing I opened (Who needs to unpack the minute she walks in the door, right? That suitcase will be just as full of dirty clothing if it sits in the corner for an extra hour or two, unless the unpacking fairies whisk it away and magically load the laundry hamper for me… hah!). It was my new Namaste knitting bag, the Cali ZUMA.

The color registered first – a deep, eggplanty purple that is EXACTLY the shade I most love when I think about the incredible range of purples out there. Upon closer examination I was relieved to discover that my new Namaste Cali bag, the ZUMA from Scout’s Swag, has many lovable features in addition to its great color.

For instance, there is the easy-open but quick to seal shut snap clasp. There is the wide interior that will hold a multitude of works in progress without squishing. The handles are long enough to wear comfortably over the shoulder, and the bag is so light that I can cheerfully load it with knitting paraphernalia and not worry that it will give me the dreaded “Slope Shoulder.” There is this amazing, multi-compartment pocket in the front to hold my driver’s license and cash when I don’t want to carry a separate purse.

But best of all, on the underside of that nice, wide, and stable base, there are these:

Feet! And not just four feet, but five, adding a welcome bit of extra stability. You know how when you go to a boutique or department store and find yourself momentarily tempted by some shockingly expensive purse? How – while seeing if you can possibly justify the cost – you do a critical inspection to make sure it has zippers in all the right places, and the right combination of pockets inside for your essentials? How you try it on and check your image in the mirror to see if its shoulder strap or handles hit at the perfect spot? How the overall size of the purse works in proportion to your own size (which for me means that most of the bags in the last few years were so ginormous that while holding one I looked as if I could be running away from home with all my earthly possessions at my side)?

Well, in my opinion the deal-maker or breaker is whether the bag has those little feet. Why would I exchange my hard-earned money for a purse that, without those metal feet, will have to sit either on my lap or on a less-than-spotless floor in some restaurant, BART train, or other venue? Those feet keep the leather or vinyl from scratching, fading, and otherwise showing wear – and good designers should absolutely add them to every purse they make.

So, Namaste Cali? Got ’em. Yippee!

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