Guinevere Says Hello

Advancement on this WIP goes slowly but steadily, with few photos that are post-worthy. The back is complete, as is the right front side. I love this waist-shaping technique for its front and center, in-your-face quality… no demure K2togs and SSKs hugging the side seams. Oh, no, not this time.

And I love the spot stitch for its resemblance to seed stitch without actually being seed stitch, which – if you ask me – can get a bit tiresome to produce.

The color is totally off in the photo below; earlier photos show the full glory of this silk/merino Sundara yarn much more accurately. That Sundara, I tell you – a total color maestra, and such a lovely person as well! This Aran Silky Merino is a pleasure to work with, sliding softly through the fingers. Already, however, I detect a slight halo on the knitted surface that will eventually dull that lovely sheen… but never enough to dull my pleasure in wearing Guinevere.

I worried initially that I might run out of yarn for this project, but by now it has become clear that I’ll have plenty. Though my intention has always been for this project to have elbow-length sleeves, I could even make them full-length. Now that’s a nice surprise!

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