February Showers


It has been raining non-stop here all week. Even last week. And with every passing storm, I’d find myself glancing up at the sky to see if there were any rainbows. It took me years to figure out that if the sun came out while it was still raining, all one had to do was look in the opposite direction from the sun, and there would be the rainbow. Try it sometime; it works. Anyway, I finally saw my first 2009 rainbow on Monday, while driving in my car. Mostly, I saw it from my rearview mirror, which is definitely not the most satisfying way to admire a rainbow. This was a really intense one, too, with all those brilliant colors in sharp relief against the graphite skies. As I had no camera in hand with which to capture its magnificence, I could only make a mental note. But I saw it, I really did. And it was gorgeous.


By the time I reached home ten minutes later, it was gone. Evaporated. Ephemeral. So I grabbed my camera and ran outside as soon as the next storm passed through, and captured some additional ephemera on an otherwise dreary day.


Flowering quince.

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