Vision (Camera) Quest

In addition to its broken lens cover that shuts the lens down if it is so much as tapped, even when especially when I am in the midst of taking photos, now my camera’s flash has gone on strike as well. So now I can take photos only outside, and only when the sun is shining. Which is all well and good for the garden photos, but definitely terrible for photographing my knitting.

How gorgeous am I? You can call me “Queen of the Night” Hellebore.

I had a great hat to show off, too – a slouchy cap knit in the same happy striped colorway as the V-Neck sweater (Now where is that sweater? Oh, yeah – my daughter is hiding/hoarding “borrowing” it, and it’s somewhere in the bowels of her darkened teenage bedroom.). The hat had already been sent off to my mom in New York by the time I realized that those photos did not come out. Take a picture, Mom!

Meanwhile, a new project is in the works: the March NaKniSweMoDo project. Here is a sneak peek at the yarn. It is Sundara’s amazing Aran Silky Merino, 50% silk and 50% merino wool. Between the lovely drape and the silky sheen, the saturated color with its subtle striations and the soft hand, I am totally head over heels for this yarn.

This particular colorway is “Green Tea,” one of the colors available during her Sweater Club offering. This yarn collection was my holiday gift last year, and it is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

When I have a flash available, I’ll photograph the fabulous vintage buttons that will fasten this sweater; they were given to me by a friend years ago, when her grandmother died and my friend inherited the button box. Now that’s an inheritance worth having! It was full of special buttons for which my friend had no use, so she gifted them to me and I’ve been saving them for projects that are equally special… such as this one.

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