My latest NaKniSweMoDo project, the Stripey Noro V-neck, is moving swiftly along. Yes, I know that will be two sweaters completed in February and that makes me sound like an obnoxious over-achiever, but the Lotus cardigan was already a WIP when I picked it up again, with only the bottom half of the body left to complete. Now for the truly new project, the V-neck sweater body is done (goodness, I love circular needles!) and the first sleeve is well underway.

I hoped to have it ready to wear during my upcoming trip to NY, but suspect it will be my plane project instead. I just don’t knit that fast; with three hand and finger surgeries behind me, it will always be necessary to take frequent stretching breaks. As it is, my fingers are already depressingly uncooperative when I first wake up in the morning.

Still, an hour working on a project like this is almost as good (and not nearly as caloric) as a bar of my favorite chocolate. The colors literally make me smile, gloriously sherbet and sunset-toned as they are.

Using a slightly smaller needle size than Silk Garden and Cash Iroha usually call for seems to be helping the pieces retain their shape. I’ve been warned by many knitting friends that these two Noro yarns have a terrible tendency to stretch, so going down a needle size seems like a prudent precaution. I’ve also made several pattern modifications to tighten things up, sleeve and body hem ribbing chief among them. OK, back to my needles and yarn!

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