Alert: Yarn Pron

No trip to New York would be complete without a visit to School Products, one of my favorite yarn shops, […]

Brave New Knits Update

I was in New York City last week for a specific, very exciting reason: the photo shoot for my upcoming […]

Playing Hooky

Yesterday I played hooky from my life for just one day, thanks to a super-cheap plane ticket that took me to […]

Planting and Cooking While Bandaged (Do Not Try This At Home!)

A last bouquet of these dinner plate dahlias, my favorite, has graced the kitchen table this week. The blooms are […]

Tomato Bliss

Although the full size tomatoes are not impressive in the garden this year, the cherry tomatoes are going like gang-busters. […]

All Wrapped Up and No Place To Go

This is what happens when you leave the garden untended for a couple of days while sitting inside feeling sorry […]

Go East, Young Woman

Tomorrow is the big day: DD heads east to her first year of college. And pressing questions remain unanswered:  Will […]


All I have to do is go out of town for a few days, and the harvest happens – behind […]

Announcing the Molokini Shrug

Like to knit lace projects? Find yourself in need of a simple garment that covers just enough but not too […]

Wrung Out

Between putting the finishing touches on my book manuscript, making enough peach jam to tide over a nationwide peach famine, […]

(Finally) FOs

I know, I know. Not a lot of knitting content lately. But today your patience is rewarded. I finally completed […]

Peach Fuzz

A friend came over today and helped me turn this: into quite a bit of this: Three different flavor combinations, […]

Ziggurati… Like Glitterati, Only Cuter

Introducing the lace Ziggurati Shrug and matching beret, birthday gifts for an adorable little girl of my acquaintance, who just […]

100 Degrees In the Shade

Now please excuse me while I retreat indoors where all the drapes are drawn, the better to rub ice cubes […]

Garden of Earthly Delights

My strenuous efforts to distract readers from the fact that there has been no knitting content in a while do […]