Pruning is Good

Especially when it yields a bouquet of this magnitude. The coral bark maple by our front walk achieved truly stunning growth […]

Fabulous February

Yes, I know that in many parts of the country February is bloody cold, snowy, windy, etc. Here in the […]

Where Have I Been?

Make that: Where have I BEEN? Amazing how easy it was for me to get out of the habit of blogging […]

Jetlag, Sweet Jetlag

It’s so good to be back home, even though I woke up super-early this morning because of the afore-mentioned jetlag. […]

Soldiering On

My February Lady Sweater just might be done by February if I keep working at this pace. Now that I’ve […]

Turkey, Anyone?

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday!! My contribution to the dinner we’ll attend at the home of friends […]

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

Last weekend I was in New York, where we had an 80th birthday celebration for my mom. Family and friends gathered at a charming […]

Ghost In The Machine

As hand-saving devices go, this knitting machine just may turn out to be my new best friend. The learning curve […]

Have You Any Wool?

Well, we all know I’ve got plenty. But that didn’t stop me from venturing north with a friend on the […]


No, that’s not my age or my house number. Rather, it was the temperature inside my house when I awoke […]

Our Nation’s Capitol

I have not been a tourist in Washington, DC in many years. Although I lived in and around that city […]

Color and Couture

Where have I been? On a very long Amtrak ride from San Jose to Santa Barbara, to take part in the […]

The Eyebrows Have It

Among the vicissitudes of aging, I was prepared for the AARP membership invitation that recently hit my mailbox. As prepared […]

High on the High Line

Anyone visiting New York City this fall will undoubtedly be urged to fit in a visit to the High Line, […]

Good-Bye September, Hello October

How did it get to be October already? And when did I realize I am oh-so-ready for fall? Maybe it […]