Downton Abbey, Revisionist Version

I’ve already let it be known that I loved, loved, LOVED Downton Abbey, and now I stand corrected on an earlier […]

Downton Abbey, My Latest TV Crush

Did anybody else out there adore this show as much as I did? And was anybody else equally annoyed to […]

And She Comes Up For Air…

Thought I’d forgotten all about blogging, eh? No, nothing attributable to absent-mindedness here. Just too much life getting in the […]

Knitgrrl Rides Again

Shannon Okey, otherwise known as Knitgrrl, is probably a genius. Anybody doubting the veracity of that statement should take a […]

The Sandwich Generation

That’s what they call those of us with both elderly parents and children of our own; from our caught-in-the-middle perspective, the […]

All Keyed Up

Have you ever done something so completely hare-brained that after the fact you can’t quite believe you actually did it? I’m […]

Passiflora Errata

It has come to my attention that there is a problem with the lace charts in my Passiflora pattern, and I wanted […]

Twist Collective Spring issue: Passiflora!

I’ve been looking forward to the launch of Twist Collective’s Spring issue for quite some time, and here’s the reason: […]

Counting Down

I’ll pick up my knitting needles again this weekend for the first time in a month. PT is helping with […]

A Wave Is As Good As a Salute

I’m not sure what’s up with the military references the last post or two, but I’ve been pre-occupied with hands lately […]

All-Volunteer Army

An all-volunteer army of flowers blooming, that is. Now that the rain has stopped and the sun has come out, […]

The Sap Is Rising

It doesn’t look like much, but the plum tree is budding out. I’m encouraged, since last year it nearly succumbed […]

Mellow Yellow

While I’m out and about visiting family this week, let me share what’s happening in the garden. All the knitting will […]

Gardening in February?

Well, uh… yes! If you happen to live in northern California, gardening is pretty much a year-round pursuit. Besides the […]

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Happy birthday to my lovely and loving, compassionate and spirited, age-defying baby sister. Here is a little birthday bouquet, especially for […]