Passiflora Errata

It has come to my attention that there is a problem with the lace charts in my Passiflora pattern, and I wanted to let knitters know how much I appreciate the feedback.

Something got lost in translation between submission of the pattern and its publication, and instead of stacking the yarn-overs and the ssk/k2tog repeats one above the other throughout the lace charts, the published versions show these stitches offset by one stitch place. What a perfect example of how one tiny error, repeated over the expanse of any lace pattern, will result in a complete inability to reproduce the lace correctly.  A few clever (and fearless and perhaps more experienced) knitters have been willing to experiment and discover the correct stitch placement on their own. As a proponent of trial and error myself, I am in awe of these intrepid individuals since my own efforts don’t always produce the desired results.

Please rest assured that the fine people at Twist are all over it, and that the pattern updates with corrections will be published shortly. Your patience is much appreciated, as well as all the kind feedback about my debut pattern. My post with further details about it appeared on the Twist blog here, for those who crave more information about my inspirations and intentions for Passiflora.

For those wishing to substitute yarn for the tunic, I was pleased with the performance of Sundara’s Aran Silky Merino. I used it to swatch the lace motifs, and found that it had both the soft drape and the lovely sheen to bring the lace motifs into beautiful relief. Another good option would be Sublime’s Bamboo and Pearls DK. Again, it has both the drape and the sheen to pull those lace motifs into sharp focus, but will require careful blocking to prevent it from growing too much.

Many thanks to Twist for publishing this pattern, and to Caro Benna Sheridan for her lovely photographs. Her work highlights all the best features of my design.

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