Pesto Preparations

Here’s how I spent a good part of my afternoon, determined not to let the last of the garden’s bounty […]

Needle Happy

At long last, here is a recent finished project, EZ’s February Baby Sweater from Knitter’s Almanac. After seeing it several […]

Autumn is in the air

Last week the new irises arrived; lovely fat rhizomes with leaf stalks attached and each one labeled, all lined up […]

Tomato Tyranny

A couple of weeks ago, my nine (Insanity or greed? You decide.) heirloom tomato plants seemed to take fertility drugs. […]

Aloha, Mahalo

Returned from a week-long vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii, my husband’s wow-did-he-do-good surprise to take the sting out […]

Nightmare on Knit Street

If there was any doubt about my sanity during the daylight hours on August 1, the ensuing dark night of […]

Introducing… The Ruffled Cardigan

Ta-dah! Is it obvious that I’m mighty pleased with myself? My head is so swelled that it wouldn’t fit in […]

Zucchini Anyone?

It’s beginning: the annual summer glut of veggies and fruit. Herewith are Early Girl, Banana paste, and Pineapple tomatoes; zucchini […]

Little Gardens Everywhere

Visitors bring out the tourist in me. What can I say? With two city kids in tow (my niece and […]

Having been off-line for a while, I offer a one-word explanation for the lengthy silence: Houseguests. Specifically, my sisters: one […]

Peas On Earth… Everywhere

I have cause to do a happy dance this afternoon. I spent the e-n-t-i-r-e morning cooling my heels (actually devouring […]

Let the Harvest Begin

The vegetable garden is in full swing; I pick sugar snap peas every day, green beans twice a week, a […]

Fifty Down, and Fifty To Go

As of yesterday, I am fifty years old. Just this once, I don’t have to share:


Yeah, right. Multi-tasking. I’ll just keep telling myself that. Baby sweater obligation completed, I find myself once again with two […]

Happy June!

The (Very Big) baby sweater is washed, blocked, and finished except for the buttons: Yippee! The child may not be […]