Needle Happy

At long last, here is a recent finished project, EZ’s February Baby Sweater from Knitter’s Almanac. After seeing it several times out in blog-land, I had to try my hand at it even though I have no specific baby in mind for it. The yarn is an old Schaefer variegated I had in my stash, and one skein was sufficient for the sweater, with enough left over for a cute little matching cap (yet to be created). On size 8 needles it went very quickly, and of course I loved having only the sleeve seams to sew up at the end. Found the cute little purple plastic buttons at my LYS.

I don’t love how the purple pooled at the lower half of the cardi fronts (and on the back), especially when it achieved such successful variegation on the sleeves and upper half of the body. But the deep autumnal colors and the soft wool were a pleasure to work with. The cardi still has to be blocked, but I’m pleased to have completed it and gotten the buttons on.

The scarf below is from Interweave Press’ Scarf Style book, which has so many winners within its pages it’s difficult to decide which to try next. They call the pattern “Midwest Moonlight,” but the stitch originated in Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It’s the kind of meditative stitch that requires just enough alertness to get the repeat down cold, and then it takes on a rhythm of its own. I am a couple of inches from completing it, but wanted to share the joy early. Blocking will make it longer and a bit flatter, but the stretch will enhance the tilted appearance of the stitch, which is certainly most of its charm. I already love the way the side edges undulate and the bottom edge ripples.

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