Let the Harvest Begin

The vegetable garden is in full swing; I pick sugar snap peas every day, green beans twice a week, a handful of strawberries now and then (and they’re sweeter and more intensely flavored than those at the farmers market), lots of little artichokes, zucchini and yellow scallop squash each week along with Swiss chard and the last of the lettuce, which is bolting now that we had a few Inferno Days last week when the temperature went up over 100 degrees and stayed there until the marine layer came in to cool us off. Needless to say the lettuce, a “cool weather” crop, did not approve.

In the flower beds, pink astilbe is in bloom far later in the season than I would ever have expected. It lives in an area with fairly constant deep shade, which surely had something to do with its June burst of flower. Gives new meaning to the term “late bloomer.”

All pieces of the bed jacket are done and on the blocking board. The jacket’s border is giving me fits, however. Short-rowing just isn’t that difficult, but I’m having problems with the row count (only ten; I can certainly count that far) and getting them to end up on the correct side of the pattern to begin a new repeat. I’m determined to figure this out, but admit I’ve been perusing my pattern books to see if I can’t find a subdued ruffle or edging I might like better than the one specified by McGowan-Michael in her book.

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