Vincent Van Bunny Makes Himself At Home

Strolling around the garden early this morning, camera in hand, I surprised Vincent Van Bunny (Surely there’s no better name […]

It’s My Blog and I’ll Knit If I Want To…

Having admitted to myself (the first step to recovery is to admit there’s a problem, right?) that when I’m not […]

Unidentified Flowering Objects (UFOs)

This was given to me by a friend who couldn’t remember its name. It is an evergreen perennial, and the […]

Holy Pond Scum!

Oh, how quickly the pristine trickling waters of the new “water feature” devolved into algae-coated, mosquito-infested sludge… and so much […]

That Wascally Wabbit

A distant cousin of Peter Cottontail’s seems determined to take up residence in the garden. I’ve spotted him sitting still […]

Floribundajulie’s Amazing Technicolor Dream Joseph’s Coat

I still remember visiting the garden of my daughter’s fourth grade teacher not too long after we’d moved to the […]

This Is Spring?

What with the cool temperatures and sporadic rain, I can stop complaining about aphids and move on to grousing about […]

Spring Is Bursting Out All Over

Been busy with the camera over the last week with the irises up and blooming, the roses succumbing to a […]

A Series of Firsts

No sooner do I go out of town for a week (to visit my parents on the cold, rainy East […]

Oh, My Aching Back…

I guess it was inevitable, with this frenzy of spring activity. Spent a good part of Saturday amending the last […]

Nothing Makes Me Happier Than…

Nothing makes me happier in the spring than a pot of primroses and pansies by the front door. Unless, of […]

Wow! Has it really been over a week since my last post? Too much happening in the garden to sit […]

Progress in the new garden this week. Doesn’t hurt to have temps in the seventies and clear skies when one […]

Patience is a Virtue… Right?

While researching my new gardening article for Walnut Creek Magazine, I had the good fortune to visit the Gardens at […]

Preventive Medicine

I sprayed the peach tree yesterday, warding off the dreaded Peach Leaf Curl with a foul-smelling liquid the color of […]