Having been off-line for a while, I offer a one-word explanation for the lengthy silence: Houseguests. Specifically, my sisters: one at a time, the youngest one with both her children. Enough said.

Have been picking peaches, peaches, and more peaches. My niece and nephew discovered their ripeness despite their being the size of runty apricots (the peaches, not my niece and nephew). I learned that one cannot have both children and fruit trees loaded with fruit in the same garden and expect the fruit not to end up in the children’s mouths. Since their departure, I’ve picked HUNDREDS. No joke, as you can see:

Made two dozen jars of jam so far, and have hundreds still to eat, bake into tarts, donate to friends, and put up into more jams. The top row is peach jam with lavender honey, and the bottom row is peach and raspberry with cardamom. Both recipes are from Christine Ferber’s jam-making bible, Mes Confitures .

The most spectacular of the oriental lilies are in bloom right now. These pink freckled ones with dinner plate-sized blooms are my husband’s favorites.

My own preference is still for the roses, which are in the full flush of a second bloom cycle. These Summer Wine climbers are finally putting out longer canes, giving me hope that they will someday drape seductively and fragrantly over the back fence and trellis.

Since today seems to be all about all things luscious and pink, I can’t resist showing my new cardigan; the modified bed jacket design from Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael. I didn’t love her ruffle detail, so chose my own – lacier- version. As soon as it’s dry and can be removed from the blocking board, I’ll model.

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