I never got a chance to introduce my completed version of  Hilary Smith Callis’s Citron shawl, as featured in the latest issue of Knitty (Winter, 2009). I guess you could call my version, which was completed in the final hours of the run-up to my finger surgery (when I wasn’t stirring a gigantic copper cauldron filled with boiling blood oranges for jam, that is), Peach, or Mango, or some such fruity title. I’d rather just call it Genius, because Hilary’s pattern is such a delight to knit. Many rows of wonderfully mindless stockinette that are ideal to make one feel virtuously productive while watching tv, with just enough counting, increasing, and decreasing to keep it interesting.

So here it is, being modeled by my accommodating new office assistant, Grayce (so named for the nasty gray color of her fabric covering. Notice I had to press one of my husband’s retired undershirts into service in order to cover up both the form’s cloth cover AND the large plastic dials that allow me to customize her measurements.). 

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