High on a Hill Lived a Lonely Goatherd…

Rachel’s spring recital was this afternoon. Her voice teacher of four years assembles his students twice a year for a formal recital at the Berkeley City Club (a gorgeous Julia Morgan building near the UC Berkeley campus)

so all the parents, friends, and significant others of our favorite singers can hear their progress. It is always an enjoyable event, but today’s was bittersweet because Rachel is heading off to college in the fall and this was most likely her final recital with her teacher, Jonathan Nadel. Although she already had a naturally sweet soprano voice, Jonathan’s instruction has helped her achieve vocal maturity and depth.

Her singing was lovely (not that I’m biased…) and it was a gorgeous afternoon. I won’t make any snarky comments about some of the other performances because although the level of professionalism varied widely, none was downright painful to hear and everyone did his or her best – it showed.
On the way home, we spied these adorable little guys:
munching and scavenging their way around the hills just before the entrance to the Caldecott Tunnel on our way back home. Goats are so darned cute! At first we thought there was just the usual traffic back-up near the tunnel entrance, and then we realized all the rubbernecking was due to the official Weed Control Goats on the job! Keeping the Berkeley hills weeded and the grass short is their raison d’etre, apparently – they all seemed perfectly content to graze their way across the hills in full view of and close proximity to the freeway traffic.

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