Happy Mother’s Day…

… to all the mothers out there in the blogosphere.

For you, a bouquet of the garden’s finest:

For all the tears, noses, and bottoms you wipe (even when you catch yourself thinking, “Hooee, this is one stinky little rugrat!” and then catch yourself because it is, after all, YOUR stinky rugrat):

For all the stories you read aloud (over and over and over again, until you’ve memorized the entire book…) and the reading you teach:

For all the team sports where you cheer on your personal champion (and privately assure your child that he or she is a winner no matter what happens on the field or court):

For the nourishing meals you cook (especially on the days when you’re really too tired even to get in the car and make a run to McDonald’s, and even the idea of picking up the phone to order in is too much effort but you haul yourself to the fridge and then to the stove anyway…), and the cooking you teach:

For the examples you set (even when it’s SOOOO tempting to be a little less noble, just this once), and the kindness you show (when you could just as easily look the other way or claim you are too busy to take on even ONE MORE THING), and the love you share:

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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