In the annals of NaKniSweMoDo, it can be said that I completed the fourth project in less than four months, ahead of schedule. I present herewith my Guinevere Evening Cardigan, an original design using Sundara Yarn’s Aran Silky Merino in Green Tea from her 2008-09 Sweater Club.

This cardigan, with its visible waist shaping, elbow-length sleeves, two simple stitch patterns, and sparkly vintage buttons from my stash (I’ve talked about the yarn stash, but the button stash not so much. Probably better not to get started on that…) was a pleasure to make from start to finish. Even sewing on the large snaps was a snap, and make the buttons sit so much more neatly on top of the knitted fabric.

The shaping idea was a detail I’d seen in an old issue of Interweave Knits, and the Dot Stitch texture on the bodice is straight out of the Barbara Walker Treasuries. That picot edging around the neckline was a simple but elegant finishing touch where a collar would have been too much. The goal here was feminine, fitted but not too, enough coverage for a cool summer evening. A little romantic. A little dressy. A little old-fashioned. You get the idea.

I’ve already worn it once, and predict that it will hang at the front of the closet for easy access all summer and into the fall. The amazing thing is that I found the sleeveless top that I’m wearing underneath the cardigan at my favorite consignment shop, and the color is a perfect match. Blends in, but the lace detail gives it just enough personality.

Alas, I fear this may be my final NaKniSweMoDo project until the end of the summer. I hate to wimp out, but my left hand in particular has been in terrible shape. It feels as if the fingers are sprained in spite of the cortisone injections I recently had. Work on the computer doesn’t help but – Gasp! Hard to believe – has to be my priority until the end of July when I have a major deadline. Asking me to choose between knitting and writing was like asking me to pick a favorite child, but nonetheless the choice had to be made. It’s a temporary setback, but these hands need a break. I’ll still knit – it’s like breathing, after all – but not at the pace I kept up for the first quarter of this year. I’ll still have show-and-tell, but the going may be slow.

Meanwhile, I’ll write up the pattern for Guinevere as soon as I get a chance, and will put it up on Ravelry in my designer store.

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