I’m gonna get you, sucka!!

There’s always an element of magic in the spring garden, where from one day to the next I can watch this:

slowly unfurl itself into this:

and finally, reaching its full glory, into this:

Early response to the Guinevere Evening Cardi has been very positive on Ravelry, inspiring me to get busy writing up the pattern ASAP. I have notes – lots of them – that will be fairly easy to write up into a multi-sized pattern.

What I don’t have yet is a test knitter, and I’m reluctant to put a sweater pattern out there unless it has been ruthlessly examined by other knitters first. If anyone would like to test knit this design, let me know and I’ll send a suitable yarn along with the pattern as it stands.
Just call me Grace – Grace Kelly, that is!
The vintage buttons were such a joy to use – finally. I saved them literally for years, waiting for something special to give them a home. The top one is the enameled turquoise, and the other three are the iridescent blue and green domes. As mentioned elsewhere, I applied large snaps to the inside fronts of the cardi, and stitched the buttons to the outside where they lie nice and flat.

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  1. If you’re still looking for test knitters, let me know. I’m interested and have a spot open in my schedule right now.

  2. Erika May says:

    I don’t know if this was a general call for test knitters but I’m interested. I love this cardigan but I’ve never test knit anything so I’m not sure of the details. Let me know if you’re still looking. It is beautiful!

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