Who Me? Knitting Fatigue?

It was a productive weekend, followed today by another (perhaps the final?) pre-holiday trip to the post office. There are more items I’d like to make, but the critical ones are finished and that is a great feeling of accomplishment.

The Thorpe above is for my brother-in-law, the pediatrician in Ohio. The colorful beanie below was supposed to be for his partner, who appreciates brighter colors. But I was overruled by my husband and daughter, who insist this is too bright even for him. At least it was a very good use for odds and ends of Noro Kureyon from my stash. So now I have a spare giftable hat, and have to work up another option lickety-split since we will see them for Christmas and I want to be able to hand them both a hat.

Finally, my friend Crissy will be the recipient of this hat and mitts set. I showed the hat last week, and now the set is complete. The kid merino yarn from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks knits up with a lovely soft haze from the mohair… it is just too delectable.

Soon I’ll be able to get back to work on my daughter’s sweater, the pattern for which is in this booklet by Lana Grossa:

I love this pattern book and want to make nearly every project in it. Progress on the cabled front had been moving along nicely until I realized the holidays were nearly upon us. At that point it was relegated to the bottom of the knitting bag while I attended to all those hats and mitts. I’ll be glad to get back to it, even though R. has no expectation that it will be completed in time for Hannukah. She knows it will eventually be hers, and besides – for this Hannukah she will finally receive the Lizard Ridge Blanket I made her to take to college. I figure she might as well break it in over the next several months, right?

Someday soon, this piece will grow to look like this:

Only my daughter is cuter.

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