It got cold last night. Not the California thin-blooded sissy kind of cold, but a true, below-freezing, red-nosed, numb fingers and toes kind of cold. And a hard frost blanketed every surface with a miraculous iced-sugar coating. I crunched my way across the postage stamp “lawn” in our back garden to find the geum leaves crenellated like ruffled Jacobean collars:

And a layer of delicate ice forming at the water’s edge on the surface of the fountain, lending the sunken leaves the melancholy air of Hamlet’s Ophelia drowned in the lake:

And the pansies looking like sugared cake embellishments:

And heart-shaped violet leaves curling in on themselves at the base with a protective whorl, their deep burgundy color muted and hushed under the frost:

Finished another holiday hat, for brother-in-law James. Although the colors are as vibrant as the ones in the last hat (the one I thought I was making for him until voted down by the other family members), this time they are blues and greens (and, okay, yes… I snuck in some purple and teal, but James really does like brights) instead of pinks and reds, and that makes all the difference according to my chief model and kibbitzer:

I like to let the Noro Kureyon colors do the talking, but she knows whereof she speaks:

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